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Tales from Texas


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3 in 1!  Past, present and future.  Stories from Karl Lassiter, Jackson Lowry and Robert E. Vardeman reflecting traditional, modern and science fictional adventures of Texas Rangers, from rustlers to drug dealers and chip smugglers.

The Texas Ranger Division--the Texas Rangers--has been at the forefront of law enforcement since founded in 1835. This mini-anthology contains three stories of Rangers and their heroism, past, present, and future. Traditional enforcement came in chasing bank robbers and cattle thieves. Modern day Rangers face violent drug cartels smuggling narcotics across the border. Future Rangers might face a different enemy, a high-tech cartel dealing in implantable brain chips giving the ultimate in ecstasy.

Follow three eras of Rangers as they combat rustling, drug dealing and computer "chipaderos" in Tales from Texas, authored by western authors Karl Lassiter and Jackson Lowry, and science fiction author Robert E. Vardeman

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