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The first was a fantasy.  The next was a spy thriller.  Then came a science fiction.  Those were the first three novels I sold back in the mid-1970s.  From then on I have published more than 200 sf, fantasy, mystery, thriller and western novels through all the major publishers in the US and many others worldwide.  With this backlog as a starting point, I embraced electronic publishing as it "became a thing" almost a decade ago.

I coined the term VIPub (Vertically Integrated PUBlishing) when it became apparent the writing world was shifting, big huge humongous tectonic shifting.  An author must now be able to conceive, write, edit, publish (doing layout and covers), promote and sell fiction.  Every job in the publishing food chain must be accomplished or the dinner table becomes sparse.  That's a big chore, but those who master it can continue doing what all authors consider the most important thing: writing.

Knowing I needed an outlet to sell, I established online THE CENOTAPH ROAD STORE nine years ago.  Follow the threads, find what interests you as a reader.  It is here somewhere in my store.  I started writing sf and fantasy long ago.  Many reprinted titles are here, but there are also new stories written specifically for e-publishing.  I love steampunk.  You can find those titles here, including stories in the EMPIRES OF STEAM AND RUST universe I created and share with other fine authors.  Along with fiction under my own name are series and titles done using pen names, such as the eXtraordinary Bureau books under the Dana Fox nom de plume, and a whole passel of westerns from Jackson Lowry and Karl Lassiter.  A quirk of e-publishing has ole Jack Lowry with a pen name, Ford Fargo.  Yes, my pen name has a pen name for the Wolf Creek mosaic novels released by Western Fictioneers.

Whatever you seek, you can find in my ever-expanding store.  Specials, free titles, many genres of fiction, short stories and tetralogies.  Some links will take you to Amazon, Smashwords and other stores because those books have been licensed for sale by major publishers.  Other books, if you buy them here, help me write even more since those revenues flow directly to my bottom line.  An additional consideration buying directly from THE CENOTAPH ROAD STORE is that the e-book is yours.  It is not stored in the cloud, on a distant server where it might be removed from your library at the whim (or bankruptcy) of a third party seller.  The e-copy is yours,  just as surely as if you purchased a print book.

Find your favorites, give them a read – and then come back for more exciting new fiction being posted all the time!

Bob Vardeman