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Hammer & Fangs


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  • Manufactured by: Cenotaph Corporation


This isn't your usual work-a-day world.  Alongside humans are fairies, vampires, werewolves and creatures even more bizarre--and dangerous.  What is shared with our world is crime.  And helping solve those crimes, both natural and supernatural, is Allison Underwood and her snarky fairy assistant, Spigot.

Drawn into the dark world of a missing Goth teenager, Allison and Spigot find the solution to not one but three murders.

And those who are murdered?  You get to choose the corpse.  Each story proceeds to a conclusion following the initial details of the case--but motives and murderers are shockingly different in each tale.

The first of the "Choose Your Own Corpse" Mysteries, Hammer & Fangs introduces you to a world that is strange, unique and . . . deadly.

Average reading time: 3 hours

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 13 September, 2010.