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The Aztec Automaton Anomaly


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It survived the ages to destroy!

A 3-in-1 entertainment treat!  Jackson Lowry, Robert E. Vardeman and Dana Fox have collaborated on this unique novel set in three different histories.  Immediately following the story related in The Great West Detective Agency and Four Lives. reluctant detective Lucas Stanton finds himself engrossed in a sad tale from a lovely lady.  She is sure her archeologist father is in serious trouble.  Lucas finds out how much danger when he discovers that an Aztec relic -- a golden monster -- has been unearthed.  He barely escapes with his life.  And the monster begins digging.  And digging.  And digging...

The second part of the story involves Thomas Edison and his mining excursion to New Mexico (a real event).  The redoubtable Edison captures the still animated metal Aztec giant and takes it back to Menlo Park.

Part three picks up where 2016 NM-AZ Book Awards finalist ExBureau Case Files #1, The Burning Man Anomaly, ends.  FBI Agernt Ralph Sitwell and Marla Benson find their personal lives as deadly as facing the Aztec Automaton, now unleashed in 1937 New York City.

From Denver to Santa Fe to New York City. the unstoppable robot rages!

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