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Colors of Chaos


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Xeno-archeologist Michael Ralston's carrer is in shambles.  He has made the most significant discoveries in the history of humankind--and he is a social outcast, an academic pariah.

Worse, entire civilizations will be snuffed out by the Chaos Weapon if he cannot solve the riddle of its orgin--and learn how to disable it.  To do this he must become entangled in a war between two belligerent alien races, risk the safety of his colleagues and those he loves and finally put his own life on the line.  Even if he does not die, he might end up a permanent cripple, brain damaged beyond the scope of even future medicine to heal or . . . worse.

Colors of Chaos by Robert E. Vardeman is the stunning conclusion to the Weapons of Chaos trilogy.

average reading time: 6 hours
Science fiction space opera at its finest!

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