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Equations of Chaos


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Xeno-archeologist Michael Ralston has made the scientific discovery of a lifetime in the telepathic records of an alien civilzation vanished almost ten centuries earlier.  Using the Alphan mind device almost kills him, but gives greater insight into the vanished race's fate.  An anomaly, a weapon, the chaos device, has condemned the race to extinction—except for a single rocketship that fled to another star system at sublight speed.

Ralston, his graduate assistant Leonore Disa, astrophysicist Nels Bernssen and the jacked-in mathematician Westcott follow the Alphans, only to find even more chaos-induced horror.  Another system's primary is threatening to go nova and turn a strange sentient race into superheated plasma.

Discoveries both cultural and technological abound—but Ralston sees his reputation besmirched and entire civilizations threatened...unless he can solve the Equations of Chaos.

Equations of Chaos continues the star-spanning saga of Weapons of Chaos trilogy by Robert E. Vardeman

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