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The Echoes of Chaos


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The scientific discovery of all time comes to xeno-archeologist Michael Ralston when he finds telepathic records of an alien civilzation vanished almost ten centuries earlier.  His academic star is rising—and the planet's star is inexplicably going nova.  He must gather what data he can of a complete civilization to find what caused their sudden demise—but more than the stellar nova is blocking him.  One of Raltson's graduate students dies in an epileptic fit like those that ravished the aliens 10,000 years earlier.

What has been unleashed?  The answer is deadlier than disease or mass insanity—Ralston has stumbled upon an ages old weapon that induces chaotic behavior everywhere from neurons to solar furnaces.  And no one believes him about the danger not only to the planet but to all human-settled worlds.

The Echoes of Chaos is only the beginning of the startling Weapons of Chaos trilogy.


by Robert E. Vardeman

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