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The Quick and the Dying Wolf Creek #7


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This volume contains another Jackson Lowry story about photographer Wil Marsh.  The Quick and the Dying is volume #7 in the Wolf Creek series

Here you will find many of your favorite authors, working together as Ford Fargo to weave a complex and textured series of Old West adventures like no one has ever seen. Each author writes from the perspective of his or her own unique character, blended together into a single novel.

In this volume:

The people of Wolf Creek look at artist James Reginald De Courcey and see an English dandy who couldn’t hurt a fly. But like most people in town, he has a secret; he is actually the infamous outlaw Sampson Quick. Months ago, he left his gang and decided to turn over a new leaf… but they have found him, and need his help to bleed Wolf Creek dry.

And they won’t take no for an answer…

Written by FORD FARGO, alias:

Frank Roderus
Jackson Lowry
Phil Dunlap
Wayne D. Dundee
Matthew P. Mayo
Troy D. Smith


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