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Swords of Raemllyn Omnibus #1


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Swords of Raemllyn series

To Demons Bound  Book #1     A Yoke of Magic Book #2     The Blood Fountain Book #3

All three of the thrilling novels following Davin Anane, his Challing companion Goran One-ey, the lovely Lijena Farleigh are brought together in e-pub format for the first time.

TO DEMONS BOUND, the first volume in the SWORDS OF RAEMLLYN series by Robert E Vardeman and Geo W Proctor brings you Davin Anane and his giant other-worldly friend Goran One-Eye in their battle to hold back gathering dark powers. Davin's lover, Lijena, is possessed by a fearsome demon that forces her to commit unspeakable acts, but can anyone save her from her fate when the Faceless Ones ride?

To Demons Bound is a stirring tale of magicks and bravery, treachery and loyalty set in a thrilling new fantasy universe. Experience it now!

A YOKE OF MAGIC: Swirling through the realm are winds of rebellion fed by greed, lust for power and the need to possess the magical sword of Raemllyn's first king, Kwerin Bloodhawk. In the wrong hands magic will rule-and ruin.

Freebooters Davin Anane and Goran One-Eye face demons unleashed as they struggle to save the lovely Lijena from her horrendous destiny-and to deliver a kingdom to its rightful ruler.

A Yoke of Magic is a gripping tale of bravery and betrayal, friendship and demonic hatred set in an unforgettable fantasy world.

BLOOD FOUNTAIN: Even the demonic Faceless Ones quake at mention of master mage Lorennion's Blood Fountain, yet it there that lovely Lijena Farleigh is magic-bound to go. Davin Anane and his changeling companion Goran One-Eye are powerless to stop her and can only hold the demon hordes at bay as Lijena discovers the secret of . . . the Blood Fountain.

Blood Fountain is a tale of horrific demons, unthinkable magicks and courage for the ages.

By Robert E. Vardeman and Geo. W. Proctor

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