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Swords of Raemllyn Omnibus #2


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Death's Acolyte Book #4

Beasts of the Mist Book #5

For Crown and Kingdom Book #6

The next three novels of derring-do and perfidy, of love and duty anf the intertwined destinies of Davin Anane, his friend Goran One-eye and the wielder of the sword of Kwerin Bloodhawk, the lovely Lijena Farleigh.

DEATH'S ACOLYTE is a tale of love, war and the ancient, mystical weapon that triumphs over everything--except betrayal.  The magical Sword of Kwerin Bloodhawk has come into Lijena Farleigh's grasp-and so has a strange, alien lover. Chal is a pacifist in a world plunged into war and double-dealing. Pitted against the two lovers is Zarek Yannis, known as the Blackheart. Love must overcome evil if the kingdom of Raemllyn is to survive.

BEASTS OF THE MIST chronicles a perilous journey through seas of magical beasts, enchanted lovers and all with a kingdom's fate in the balance.   Sold into slavery! Davin and Goran rely on false friends and are forced to crew a merchant ship doomed to sail into the dark source of soul-devouring beasts lurking in the gray mists of Raemllyn's seas.

FOR CROWN AND KINGDOM chronicles daring, desperate battles between good and evil with the fate of a kingdom in the balance.   ven on a pleasure ship crowded with a cargo of gorgeous concubines, Lijena Farleigh stands out as the most beauteous. In her possession is the magical Sword of Kwerin Bloodhawk, a blade that can free or enslave an entire continent. Her goal is simple. Deliver the blade to Prince Felrad so he can triumph against the usurper Zarek Yannis. To do so will require using her every wile.

With the sword, Felrad might be invincible--but he must defeat not only a human army but also a demonic one led by the Faceless Ones--fiery hell riders each the match for a hundred soldiers.

Felrad. Yannis. One will live and one will die--and by Lijena's hand fate is sealed.

Three fabulous novels,  over 550 pages of excitment

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