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The Jewels of Life


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Davin Anane has lost his best friend, Goran One-Eye, who returned home to an alternate plane of existence.  While happy for his stalwart battle companion, Davin finds life challenging without him.  Once the greatest thief in all Raemllyn, his light-fingered talents have waned as he wielded the magical Sword of Kwerin Bloodhawk to defeat a tyrant.

But his services are no longer required as soldier and savior.  Raemllyn is at peace with his half-brother on the throne.  Worse, Davin's rusty skills at thievery are subverted for an evil purpose.  The Jewels of Life can give incredible power—he wants them.  But Davin pursues this quest fraught with danger, duplicity and deception, until...

...he finds an unexpected, comely companion willing—oh so willing!--to aid him.  Davin discovers mere friendship might be overrated when he finds a new partner and true love.

The final adventure begins! 

Book #9 of the Swords of Raemllyn series by Robert E. Vardeman and Gwo. W. Proctor.  Never before available in the USA.

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