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The Quaking Lands


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The Quaking Lands is the first book in the Jade Demons Quartet.

Kesira Minette is content in her cloistered life when the Jade Demons begin a war for dominantion that kills her patron, destroys her order's nunnery and sends her racing across an increasingly terrifying land toward a destiny of death--and birth.  Her champion, Rouvin, is half demon and has his own plans for Kesira.  Her battles show her only true companions are a talking bird and a shapechanger whose tongue has been cut out.

She finds mometary refuge with the ugliest of the Jade Demons, Wemilat, but peace is not her fate.  Join Kesira as she battles men, immortals and ... Jade Demons.

zip file contains both epub and mobi formats

by Robert E. Vardeman

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