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The Power & the Glory


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Nikola Tesla is one of the most bizarre real-life characters of the Twentienth Century. Many biographies have been written about him and his foibles, but they hardly do justice to the man whose inventions laid the foundation for modern society. Alternating current, wifi, radio, these were only a few of his great inventions.

"The Power and the Glory" is an alternate timeline story exploring what might have happened if Tesla's financial backer and friend George Westinghouse had died, leaving Tesla to the not-so-tender mercy of Thomas Edison--and European governments wanting to use Tesla's inventions to wage and win a quick war.

With this as a backdrop, follow the redoubtable Nikola Tesla as he works on even more wondrous inventions, battling a man intent on destroying him--and others who want nothing but to enslave him so they can enslave millions.

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