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4 Lives


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  • Manufactured by: Cenotaph Corporation


 Did you ever wonder about the back stories of characters in a novel? The Great West Detective Agency is filled with intriguing people with lives begging to be told. The 4 Lives mini-anthology gives the events that brought four of them together. Lefty the bartender at the Emerald City, a former railroad foreman struggling now without a right arm. Good, the half Creek, half-black frontiersman who found being a lawman wasn't for him. Claudette, much more than a dance hall girl, with a wealthy New Orleans past--and murder. Amanda, whose scheming and conniving sets gambler Lucas Stanton on a hair-raising treasure hunt. Their 4 Lives are revealed along with the first chapter of The Great West Detective Agency to give a taste of an action-packed, romance-tinged, all-west adventure with a diabolical mystery that must be solved to preserve the United States!


Jackson Lowry is a pen name of Robert E. Vardeman

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